Bluewater Racing Route to Brainaid DC update

After a few comments on the blog, and emails sent via the contact page, it seems people are using BWR slightly differently than I do, and assumed others would.

As such, some odd output can be produced, with the first few DCs it computes.

I always hook BWR up to brainaid’s NMEA proxy via NavMonPC, so my boat position is always called ‘GPS’ which is what the program looks for to tell it it has found the line containing the first command. Now it uses the line of all dashes to indicate where the actual commands start (which is what I probably should have done from the start)…

The other improvement I have made, is that it will skip all commands that are in the past. Again I assumed people would run the tool soon after computing the route, so at most the first command would possibly be in the past, but no more. Previously it just took the first command and added a few minutes to the current time if the actual time BWR set was in the past by the time it was run through the tool (if you run a high resolution optimisation, the first command is likely a few minutes in the past – but that is the one you want to be on NOW 😉 )

So, in a nutshell, it now always pick up the very first command – no matter what you call the waypoint where tour boat is, and the first DC it outputs is guaranteed to be in the future.

Oh, and I also worked out the text encoding to read so that the ‘°’ characters display correctly when reading the data from a file…

Redownload from here, and please uninstall previous version first (previous download links still work for the new version)

If you are new using this tool, check the original post for how to use it

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