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How the Client and Other Tools Get Your Data from Sailonline

Time for some demystification… I know it seems to many that accessing boat (and weather, etc) data from sailonline requires some insider knowledge or special privileges on the server even, but this is not the case. Obviously some technical knowledge is required, but that is all – nothing more. The actual race client makes a series of normal HTTP (web) requests to the […]

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All tools now updated for new server

All the tools that authenticate on the server should now be up-to date. Polar Converter and BWR Position Imports definitely working fine – if there are any I have forgotten (I don’t personally use all of them any more) leave a comment and I will update it. Original download links point to new versions Happy […]

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Google Chrome is good for your SOuL…

While developing code for the client I use Firefox for debugging purposes, but when I am racing SOL, there is only ONE browser to use, to my mind (on Windows, things may be different on Macs but I doubt it based on my reason #1 below): Google Chrome For a 2 main reasons… If you didn’t already […]

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Just a nice pic

Haven’t posted for a while, and while not so tool related I just thought this was a nice pic of the lead fleet heading down the final stretch of the Lt Lawrence race Although it is from the Google Map View in my SOL Tools… Once I have a good installer it shall be public!

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International issue found in the Polar butterfly

After a few people sent me pictures of the most bizarre curves where a nice polar butterfly should be, I uploaded a version that spat out some values to a text file, and Tempest was good enough to email me the file, and it turns out I wasn’t accounting for countries that swap the roles […]

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