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A Script to Speedup your BWR Route Optimisation by Trimming the Grib

This is actually a small Tcl script for Bluewater Racing wraps up 2 console functions that some of you may already use – and for those who don’t it will make using them a whole lot easier. The 2 functions being extracting a subset of the data from a grib file, and then saving that to […]

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Please post comments …

… with any results/experience using the TCL script for the Iceland timed race. Thanks

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Routing the SWR Leg 4 with Bluewater Racing

To use BWR for Leg 4 of the Volvo Ocean Race on, you will need to dig a little into the application’s Grib Manager. It seems there are actually 2 ‘sources’ of wind in the grib file as downloaded from Brainaid’s website, with some data for East of the dateline. This needs to be […]


First BWR article published

To start off a series of articles/tutorials on using Bluewater Racing, particularly for SOL (and there will be plenty for the SOTP only SOLers in there to!), I have published the first – a (gentle) introduction to Bluewater. You can find the article listing here


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More Bluewater info

I will now add full Bluewater gpx race files (includes start time, polar and some inital optimisation settings), along with the others for each file, and along with pointing you over to Shackel’s Blog will post an article or 2 on using Bluewater – and there are a few ways it can help even those […]



Better Weather Viewing

I had never heard of Expedition LT (Light) until I discovered it for download from the PredictWind website, and Im sure glad I know about it now. Hence why I am sharing it 😉 PredictWind is a fantastic resource for weather information. It provides detailed forecasts based on the same GFS data that sailonline uses, […]