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Different links layout for the 2012 Races page

As you probably already know, I try to put race files for the 2 most common routers used on SOL, as well as ‘raw’ GPX for importing into other programs like Google Earth or other Nav software, on the Races page (except for the very short ‘non-routable’ races). A recent update of Expedition allows it […]

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New Dropbox share folder for 2012 Races

Could all those who opted-in to share the dropbox folder instead of manually downloading the race files please ping me an email, as there is now a new folder for 2012 races. Use the Contact page if you need. The Iceland Volcanoes race is included in the 2011 race folder, so you will still get […]

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An easier way to get the race gpx files…

Dropbox allows users to ‘share’ a folder, which is great for collaborative work… But can just as well be used similar to subscribing to an (extremely basic) RSS feed – in that I can share the folder with you and you will then automatically get the race files as soon as I upload them… So, if you […]


Added new race file for Bluewater users

I have added a fourth file available for download for each race from now on. I have added a link labelled ‘bwrX’ – to indicate it is for BWR, with ‘X’tra data. Basically, this is a Zip file that also includes a Bluewater optimised polar file as well as the race file. Each of these […]

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More Bluewater info

I will now add full Bluewater gpx race files (includes start time, polar and some inital optimisation settings), along with the others for each file, and along with pointing you over to Shackel’s Blog will post an article or 2 on using Bluewater – and there are a few ways it can help even those […]