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SOL GE Feeds now available to view in browser

You can now view the Sailonline Google Earth feed for each race (starting with Gasparilla Raid) right in your Web Browser. Under the Category ‘Race GPX’ to the right is a new page titled ‘Google Earth Feeds‘, which will contain a link for each race you can view. By default the map opens in the […]


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Different links layout for the 2012 Races page

As you probably already know, I try to put race files for the 2 most common routers used on SOL, as well as ‘raw’ GPX for importing into other programs like Google Earth or other Nav software, on the Races page (except for the very short ‘non-routable’ races). A recent update of Expedition allows it […]

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… with any results/experience using the TCL script for the Iceland timed race. Thanks

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Minor Course Change to SWR Leg4

The Sailonline World Race (VOR) Led 4 Course has been changed recently, adding a mark at the Northern tip of the Philippines. Although this shouldn’t really effect the fastest route, as it would likely have gone North of the Philippines anyway. All race and gpx files on the 2012 Races page now include this new waypoint. Tip for BWR […]

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