Auto Centre Tool

After knocking up a small tool for StuArt, I thought the capability to have the SOL client automatically centred might be useful for others (Stu’s tool does a few more things). So, here I present a very simple tool, to do just that. Setup is easy, just download and save, then double-click the jar file to run (and being Java, mac users like StuArt can use this).

When run, you will see an input box for how often, in seconds, to re-centre the SOL client. A default value of 60 is already in there, but change it to whatever you want. Now, to tell the program where your centre button is exactly (as different screen resolutions and browser configurations will affect this), make sure the focus is in this input box, then place the mouse pointer over the centre button (but don’t click!) and hit the Enter key. When you do this, the ‘Start’ button will become enabled, and the coordinates of where the mouse was when you hit Enter are saved. Clicking ‘Start’ will cause the tool to click that location once every X seconds, where X is whatever is in the input box. Obviously ‘Stop’ stops the process.

Now I havent tested this extensively, but I did set it to auto-centre every 5 seconds, and still managed to use the ruler and steer tools as usual in the SOL client, but when the mouse is moved to click the centre button whatever line you are using may temporarily disappear until you move the mouse again – so I don’t recommend setting this to fire too often!


  1. #1 by scallions on January 3, 2012 - 16:23

    On my computer, auto centre tool moves the lat/long crosshairs to the predefined place on the screen for a second and returns them to the original mouse position. It does it every x seconds as defined in auto centre. It does not move the map.
    After starting auto centre, if I move the map, it moves the crosshairs temporarily to the predefined place on the screen without moving the map.
    Is this as it should be? (it’s the same in all browsers IE, FF, Chrome)

    • #2 by scallions on January 3, 2012 - 17:15

      Apologies, have it now.
      Didn’t interpret the “centre button” to mean the ship button to the LHS!
      Moves the map to centre on my boat. Cool!

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