Polar Converter

This is a tool for creating polar files optimised for BlueWater Racing or Expedition.

AND… Usage for SOL I have made a whole lot easier! It will now download the polar data directly from SOL so all you need to do is click a few mouse button (about 4 plus navigating to a destination folder) and you will have a polar optimised for Bluewater or Expedition.
Of course, you can still enter text data, such as from brainaid’s polar page or the link in the SOL client, the text files downloaded from SOL ie the IMSYC polars – or indeed polar data for your own boat.

And after reading Shackel’s blog post about the impact of amount of polar data on routing times (computing them), this program creates smaller polar data files than those downloaded from brainaid’s site.
Basically, there are a few less TWAs in there, and only every 2nd knot rather than every knot of TWS – and only up to 30 knots – I think 60kts is probably overkill and the SOG usually doesnt change over about 32kts – so BWR & Expedition will compute the routes a little quicker.

It is a Windows only app – not much point in anything else as BWR/Expedition is only for Windows (I think??), and usage it pretty self-explanatory from the UI.

Like I said, you have 2 choices of where the input data comes from

1) A SOL Race file. You don’t even need to be registered for the race, or enter login details, as it uses the ‘sol’ boat to retrieve the race file containing the polar data 😉
2) Enter (or I suggest Cut & Paste) textual data. If using brainaid’s site or SOL txt download, copy ALL of the text/file including the first line with the boat class listed on it. You can simply select the polar data text right from brainaid’s site and hit ctrl-C to copy it…. And if you enter data for your own boat or something else, make sure it follows exactly the same format. (see text input example below)

It first looks to see if there is a SOL race selected, and only looks for text data if that is not available.
To use a SOL race, click ‘Get Race List’ – then select a race.

There is a checkbox below the ‘Create Polar’ button, to allow you to select wither BWR or Expedition polar to be created. The default (clear) is to generate a Bluewater polar, checking this instructs the tool to generate a polarin Expedition format.

Once that is done, make sure you have set an output folder – (it creates a filename based on the boat type) – just click ‘Create Polar’.

As you can see by the ‘Success’ dialog in the screenshot below, it also very nicely removes any spaces in the boat class when creating the .pol file – BWR doesn’t like spaces in its polar filenames.

Checking the ‘BWR\Expedition’ checkbox tells the tool to output a polar for use with Expedition:

Download from here and enjoy!

  1. #1 by Schakel on April 19, 2011 - 16:12

    Nifty tool! Looking good, Aaron.


  2. #2 by AGage on April 19, 2011 - 17:11

    As usual the very first version i published had a small bug – hopefully I had replaced the setup before you downloaded, but if you try it and the polar output goes above 30knots, you have the bugged version sorry – it actually output BS using TWS in MPS not Knts!!

  3. #3 by Tom Nordahl on April 25, 2011 - 10:26

    An other great tool Aaron, thank you. I may start using BW now. It was too much work before, using Brains BW polar, which I belive was in error. I had to calc VMG upwind and downwind, and delete TWa’s before upwind VMG and after downwind VMG. (except 0 and 180).

    Don’t know if you entertain the concept of a wish-list, but if you do and:
    If you find youself idle and without anything to, how about creating a movable predictor for SOL? Reading Grib and polar data of course. That would really be super awesome!


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